QuestTrade Forex Broker Review

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Trading Forex online can be one of the easiest ways for investors to generate streams of income, but it is essential to choose a broker that will cater to the specific needs of the trader. For those that reside in Canada, QuestTrade is one of the top options. This site has the ability to hold US dollars and that makes it very unique. Unlike many other Canadian brokers, QuestTrade does not have any surcharges on large orders or extended hours trading. There are also no maintenance fees involved. In fact, the broker offers to reimburse ant transfer-out fees that are up to $150 for any client that is moving at least $25,000 from another broker account to QuestTrade.

This firm is Canadian owned and operated and offers services only to Canadian residents. Here, investors can invest in Canadian and US market and the pricing is extremely competitive. One of the unique features at QuestTrade is the ability to buy and sell gold for just $20 per trade. In addition, the broker will lend as much as 80% on gold bullion so that customers will have the ability to buy gold on credit.

When traders open a new account here, they can benefit from a $50 commission rebate. This offer is presented to those that are making a deposit of at least $1000 to their account. To get started, traders will have to register an account, choose banking options and add funds to their account. In addition to the real money accounts that can be held, QuestTrade also offers a free demo account to any new trader. This account can be used for as long as needed and it is a great way to start learning all about Forex trading online.

At QuestTrade, there are many types of accounts that can be opened, including family RESP, LIF, RRSP, Informal Trust, Investment Club and many more. With all of these options, Canadian traders will find that this site offers the best trading options and benefits. QuestTrade is one of the largest trading firms for Canadian investors and the site is dedicated to satisfaction. If traders ever need assistance, they can connect with the support team for ideas and solutions so they can continue trading and making money online. This Canadian broker is top rated and is fully licensed and regulated.

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