United States Forex Trading

Those who reside in the US will have heard of the Forex market and may wish to become involved so they too can start to generate income from fantastic trading options. Most people all over the world are free to trade online as they choose, but this is not eh case for those that are from the United States. While Forex trading is not supported in the US, these residents still have many options and are free to open off shore Forex accounts with reliable and secure brokers. Unfortunately, this will involve some time and research as many online brokers do not offer trading services to anyone located in the US.

There are some legal issues that US residents must be aware of when they are choosing an off shore broker. The Dodd-Frank Act that is in place will require all Forex brokers doing business with any US citizen to be registered with the CFTC and the NFA. Many international brokers will find this difficult and are not registered with these bodies. To avoid having to be registered, they have simply stopped offering trading services to US residents.

Despite these restrictions for residents, some off shore sites will still accept a US trader. However, there is little protection offered to the trader when going this route. It is best to seek out a registered broker when conducting any online trades so that eh trader is sure that the site is operating legally and ethically and is offering protection to any US trader that opens a real money account with the firm. Forex trading has become one of the popular forms of investment globally and even though US residents have some restrictions, this is still a viable option for investors.