XM.com Forex Broker Review

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Everyone that is interested in trading Forex online will be in need of a safe and reliable broker so that trades can easily and securely be conducted. One of the top choices in the market is XM.com, a top rated broker that caters to the needs of traders from all over the world. Unfortunately, this broker is not available to traders in the US, but it does manage accounts for all others. With multiple languages and currencies supported, all traders can personalise their experience so they always benefit from all of the services that are offered with XM.com.

This company first started out in 2009 under the name of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd. Initially formed by a group of bank dealers who had the intention of improving the Forex trading community, this company started out in a long raid to success and is now one of the top choices in the industry., Once of the main advantages for traders is that the company is bad in Cyprus, which means that XM.com always meets the standards required for any financial service provider that is operating in the Eurozone.

When traders choose XM.com, they will have the choice of three different account types. There is a Micro Trading account, where a low risk is offered. This account just needs $5 to open. There is also the Standard account, where traders can trade with larger contract sizes. The final type of account is the Executive account and this requires a minimum deposit of $100,000. These accounts allow for larger volumes to be traded and there are also larger risks involved.

XM.com offers some great advantages that traders will not find with other brokers. For example, there is a 30% bonus on any deposit up to $10,000 and there is efficient trade execution at 99.35%. There are also no rejections of orders and unique leverage that is up to 888:1.

XM.com is a perfect trading broker for anyone that is just starting out in the Forex market and even for experienced traders. With demo accounts, resources and great customer service, traders will find that all their needs will be met when they choose to deal with XM.com as their broker. This company is fully licensed and offers great levels of protection.

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